Why Does The Definition of Racism Keep Changing, and Why Are Marxists so Racist?

If you don’t subscribe to Not The Bee, you really should take a look at some of the gems they’ve been putting out lately. In 2020, our friends at the Babylon Bee branched out and started their own news site, appropriately titled “Not The Bee”. No satire there, just the latest news stories that often boggle the mind. It’s one of a very few news sites we pay a subscription for. Totally worth it.

One of their latest contributions to making the world a better place is this article posted on January 28th: “Orwellian: Anti-Defamation League “Updates” Definition Of Racism So That It Exclusively Applies To White People“. If you are wondering if this is the same Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that Democrats have invited to come teach about Oath Keepers at the State Capitol tomorrow—it’s the same group.

The article made the rounds, and the resulting backlash from various news sites caused such a stir that ADL actually issued an apology and retracted their Marxist-inspired definition of racism on Wednesday. Score one for the good guys.

ADL has now changed their definition of “racism” twice in the last two years. During the “mostly peaceful” protests in the summer of 2020, ADL adopted a radically new definition of racism. From then until last week, ADL defined racism as:

Racism: The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.”

In other words, when a white man shoots a black man because he’s black, that’s racism. When a black man shoots a white man because he’s white, that’s not racism.

Not only is such a redefining of “racism” overtly racist, it’s all the more unexpected coming from an organization founded on a Jewish tradition, and which has long sought to end defamation targeting the Jewish people. As the writer of last week’s apology noted about the definition that ADL has employed for the past two years: “it didn’t even speak to my own family’s experience with the racism they experienced as Jews from the Middle East.”

The writer was quick to add that the old definition is “true”, “it’s just not the whole truth.”

And while ADL has now scrapped that definition and replaced it with a definition that is much more traditional (even affirmative action doesn’t escape being called racism under the new, more traditional definition), they have not left any of the Marxist thinking behind. When you visit their website, just below the new definition of “racism” you find a definition of “systemic racism”, which—you guessed it—focuses exclusively on white people.

Systemic Racism: A combination of systems, institutions and factors that advantage white people…

I’d like to say that ADL turned a new corner last week, but what seems more likely is that their Marxism was showing to an uncomfortable degree, and the grief they were getting was only going to get worse if they didn’t step back and try to cover it up again.

Separating the world into two groups of people; the oppressors and the oppressed, is Marxist dogma. It is an interesting thought experiment, but in the end it’s a very poor lens through which to try to understand the complexity of the world around us. If beating back the oppressor class is a good thing, it becomes impolitic to say that an oppressed individual murdering a member of an oppressor class is “bad”.

What does “bad” even mean in that scenario if the oppressor class is the main thing standing between the status quo and a peaceful and orderly society? If the oppressor class; their existence, their power, their wealth is what is keeping society from moving forward to utopia, then it only stands to reason that their existence should be diminished, their power should be taken from them (by force if necessary), and their wealth should be redistributed to others.

The trouble is, when you identify an oppressor group based on race, as modern Marxists certainly have, the Marxist project of leveling the playing field becomes an inherently racist project; “White Supremacism” becomes a euphemism for the evils of capitalism, “Systemic Racism” becomes a euphemism for the middle class.

We used to just call it capitalism, but apparently that word wasn’t sufficiently offensive to move society to burn it all down, hence the pivot to white supremacism (which, as ADL explains in a carefully worded footnote is not the white supremacism that believes that white people are culturally or genetically superior).

The new Marxist-inspired definition of white supremacism actually comes across looking an awful lot like capitalism and the free market. Who knew?

Apparently, at least in America, it is still easier to recruit someone to join a crusade against a white supremacism that isn’t actually white supremacism than it is to recruit someone to join a crusade that openly calls for eliminating the free market.

And let there be no doubt, the middle class must be eliminated for the Marxist program to move forward. The truckers are enemy #1 today. And the farmers are close behind. Marxists in Canada want nothing to do with them, or other members of the middle class descending on Ottawa today.

Likewise, those of us fighting to preserve the middle class, and opposing Marxist efforts to bring about a two-tier society, must be vilified as proponents of “institutional racism”, “white supremacism”, “inequality”, “hate”, and all manner of other unholy defamation.

Encouraging the sending of aid to the truckers in Canada, which Anchorage Assembly Member Jamie Allard and I have both done, is intolerable; amounting to an act of public treason against the Marxist program. 

Do you ever wonder why various Democrats are accusing Anchorage Assembly Member Jamie Allard of supporting “white supremacists”, “holocaust deniers”, and “racists”, and at the same time accusing me of being or supporting each of these same things? It’s a single playbook. Kudos to Jamie for supporting the truckers and taking flack for doing so.

I hate to say it, but it really has come to the point where if you are a conservative in politics today, and you aren’t being accused of being sexist and racist and a Nazi by the Left, you might need to ask yourself what you are doing wrong.