David is a father of four kids (3 girls and a boy), a member of the Alaska Peace Officers Association, and is endorsed by Alaska Right to Life. As a former police officer, firefighter and EMT, the motto “That Others May Life” means a great deal to David—and the youngest and oldest members of our community are no exception.

Whatever one’s view on the tragedy of abortion, it remains a tragedy—both for the destruction of the child in the womb, and for the scar it leaves behind in the lives of those who could see no better option than taking the life of their unborn son or daughter.

As a culture, we should be a culture of life, committed to supporting and empowering mothers and fathers to care for and love their children regardless of when they make their first appearance into our lives, or the life circumstances that meet them when they arrive.

The forceful taking of an innocent human life can never be justified. Life is a gift from the Creator; a gift that all just governments are obliged to protect.

Paying for abortion with taxpayer dollars, as currently takes here in Alaska, is not only morally reprehensible—it also erodes the culture of life that is essential to successfully combat the evils of infanticide, child abuse and domestic violence.

Instead of paying for women to undergo the trauma of having an innocent life taken in their womb, we should instead focus on making resources available to mothers and fathers that permit and empower them to care for their son or daughter both while they are waiting to be born and after.

I was also shocked to discover that in the State of Alaska a doctor may place you on a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Order without your permission, and over the objections of your family. Here in Alaska, you may never even find out that you have been placed on such a list until it is too late.

If elected, I will work with my colleagues in the state legislature to correct this, and to end the public funding of abortions in Alaska. As Abraham Lincoln observed of slavery, the issue of not extending full human rights to segments of our society for any length of time results in great difficulties whenever one endeavors to return to a culture of life. I am quite aware of these difficulties, and as a legislator will work tirelessly to encourage a culture that protects innocent life without exception.