“We Can’t Change The PFD” (Wait…Do you Think The Public will actually buy that?)

We Can't Change our Mind on the PFD—We're not Allowed to.

The $2,700 PFD was adopted in a 21-19 vote with all members of the House of Representatives present on Monday.On Friday, it was cut to $1,600 in a 21-11 vote with 8 members of the house already having left for the Easter Weekend.Today, with all members of the House once again present, we proposed restoring the full PFD but were told by Democrat Leadership that we were not allowed to vote to increase the PFD since that issue "has already been decided".Apparently, lawmakers are only allowed to change their mind when it comes to lowering the PFD. It simply isn't permitted when legislators want to vote to raise it. In all, 23 Legislators declared to the public today: We can't change our mind on the PFD—We're not allowed to."And they wonder why those 23 legislators have a credibility problem…

Posted by Representative Eastman's Alerts on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The House approved paying the full dividend by a 21-19 majority vote on Monday. On Friday, after 8 legislators had left for the Easter Holiday, they reversed course and voted to slash the PFD by $1,100.

This morning, with every member of the House of Representatives again present, Democrats, with the help of four wayward Republicans, told us that it would be impossible to raise the PFD because “that issue has already been decided”.

And so, while it is perfectly acceptable to change course and cut the PFD, it would be a violation to increase it, according to 23 legislators. Many of those legislators are now telling the public that they tried to increase the PFD, but they just couldn’t. I wonder if the Public will buy that.