Breaking: Justin Trudeau Accuses Jewish Member of Parliament of Supporting Nazis

Watch as Prime Minister Trudeau tries to tell even Jewish members of Parliament that they embrace Nazis if they support those protesting for freedom in the Canadian capital. It did not go well for him.

It’s important to realize that accusations of Nazism and racism and sexism aren’t designed to make actual Nazis stop and rethink their beliefs. Why would an actual Nazi be offended at being called a Nazi? They wouldn’t.

These accusations are designed, by their very nature, to offend those of us who aren’t Nazis, or sexist, or racist. They are purposefully designed to offend, and to detract from the actual policies under debate, and have no business in a legislative body, which is why such demeaning comments are specifically prohibited in both the Canadian Parliament and in the Alaska Legislature.

Conservative legislators did well to call out this disgraceful conduct today.

I have a dream that one day Alaskan legislators of both parties will display equal courage in the face of such defamation.

Video Description:
During question period the Conservative Party upheld their parliamentary obligation to hold the Prime Minister accountable for enacting the Emergencies Act. Instead of answering questions, he resorted to accusing Melissa Lantsman, a Jewish Member of Parliament and a descendant of Holocaust survivors, of supporting those waving swastikas. There were many on the opposition side of the House who immediately came to her defence. However, the Liberal benches were silent on the Prime Minister’s demeaning comments. Prime Minister Trudeau should immediately apologize and focus on unifying the nation rather than stoking divisions for political gain.