David is a military veteran, Mat-Su firefighter, former military police officer, and an outspoken advocate for the principles espoused by the framers of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Firefighter & Swift Water Rescue

David is a Firefighter/EMT for the Central Mat-Su Fire Department and also serves on the Mat-Su Water Rescue and Hazmat Teams. A lifelong outdoorsman, David has trekked over 1,000 miles of wilderness backpacking, served as an EMT with Ski Patrol in Alaska, and has been a member of the Alaska Disaster Medical Assistance Team since 2004. David has been a licensed ham radio operator since 1997. His callsign is KL2HZ.

That Others May Live

As a member of the law enforcement and emergency medical communities for more than fifteen years, the motto “That Others May Live” means a great deal to David. His brother Bobby is a career firefighter, and his brother Daniel is an NCO in the United States Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Pendleton. Having lost close friends in the line of duty, David has a deep appreciation for the cost of keeping our communities safe, and the debt we owe to those who have committed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor so that we might enjoy the freedoms handed down to us by our Founding Fathers. David served as a board member of the Mat-Su Alaska Peace Officers Association from 2008-2012.

U.S. Army Captain and Volunteer of the Year

David is a West Point graduate and former U.S. Army Captain. A lifelong public servant, David was named an Alaska Volunteer of the Year in 2010 by First Lady Sandy Parnell. David was stationed at Fort Richardson on active duty from 2003 until 2009, and as a military police officer performed missions at Fort Wainwright, Fort Greely, Fort Richardson, and Elmendorf Air Force Base. David was assigned to Fort Richardson in the US Army Reserve from 2009-2011, and worked on JBER for the State of Alaska from 2013-2015.

Eagle Scout & Lifelong Outdoorsman

Public service has been a way of life for David from his youth. David was named State Eagle Scout of the Year and Runner up for National Eagle Scout of the Year for his work in scouting. David is 35, a Life Member of the Alaska Outdoor Council, and has been a resident of Alaska since 2003. His hobbies include hiking, rafting, Taekwondo, fly fishing and anything outdoors with his kids.

Lincoln Fellow and Advocate for Reform

In 2011, David joined the Lieutenant Governor in being named a Lincoln Fellow by the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy. As a leading advocate for reform in the Alaska Republican Party, David has earned a reputation for standing steadfastly against special interests. David lives in Wasilla with his wife Jennifer and their two daughters. He currently represents the residents of District 10 in the Alaska House of Representatives.