House Democrats Vote to Ditch Dunleavy Budget and Replace it With Walker’s Amended Budget

After permitting less than 12 minutes of actual debate, and interrupting even that small amount of debate five separate times, House Democrats voted today to replace Governor Dunleavy’s Proposed Budget with the amended budget signed by Governor Walker last year, which includes $750 million in additional spending.

Whereas Dunleavy’s Budget protected the amount of the PFD according to state law, the Democrat Majority’s new budget reflects their decision to spend most of this year’s PFD on a final failed effort to prop up unsustainable state spending.

This new budget will serve as the starting point for the budget debates scheduled to begin tomorrow, which is the 85th day of the Legislative Session. The vote was 24 to 13.

Time Stamps:

26:41 – Rep. Thompson proposes Walker’s amended budget

26:53 – Rep. Pruitt responds in opposition

28:55 – Rep. Eastman responds in opposition

32:28 – Speaker Edgmon interrupts x1

33:46 – Speaker Edgmon interrupts x2

33:59 – Speaker Edgmon interrupts x3

35:05 – Rep. Kopp interrupts x4

36:15 – Rep. Edgmon interrupts x5

36:17 – Rep. Tuck calls timeout (which lasts longer than entire debate)

48:38 – Rep. Carpenter responds in opposition

51:10 – Rep. Foster responds in support of Walker’s amended budget

52:12 – Debate ends