Don’t Forget to Apply for Your 2020 PFD | But if you did forget…

Alaskans have until March 31st to submit their application for this year’s PFD. Click the image above to submit your application today.

The amount of the 2020 PFD will be determined later this year.

The 2020 PFD is currently estimated to be $2,835 per resident. However, several legislators have been proposing bills that would significantly reduce the portion of the PFD that will actually be distributed to Alaskans this year.

Every individual (including infants) must have an application filed in order to receive this year’s dividend. Parents can submit applications on behalf of their children. See the list of frequently asked questions on the PFD Division Website.

Also, a child who was born or adopted during 2019 is likely eligible for this year’s dividend. However, you must still submit an application for your newborn or adopted child by the March 31st deadline.

If you Forgot to File…
Normally, if you miss the application deadline, that’s it. You’re out of luck. But there are some common exceptions:

  • When you turn 18, you can go back and file for any of the PFD’s that you missed as a child.
  • If you did not file because you were deployed oversees in the military to a hostile fire area you can go back and apply for any missed PFD’s during that period.
  • If your relative died during the application period (January 1st – March 31st), you may be able to apply for their dividend on their behalf.

The moral of the story: File now. Don’t wait until the last minute to file.


If I did not apply for a prior year for my child, can I apply now?

Your child can apply for missed prior year dividends after he or she turns 18 years old or is emancipated but must apply before his or her 20th birthday.

If I did not apply for a prior year for myself, can I apply now?

You can apply for a prior year dividend; however, the application will be denied as a late application. There are some exceptions if you are disabled, filing for a person who died during the application period, or a military member who was deployed overseas receiving hostile fire or imminent danger pay during the application period. Contact us for more information about these exceptions.