Protecting Life

David is a father of two young kids, a member of the Alaska Peace Officers Association, and has previously been endorsed by Alaska Right to Life

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” —G.K. Chesterton

“Now, I confess myself as belonging to that class in the country who contemplate slavery as a moral, social and political evil, having due regard for its actual existence amongst us and the difficulties of getting rid of it in any satisfactory way, and to all the constitutional obligations which have been thrown about it; but, nevertheless, desire a policy that looks to the prevention of it as a wrong, and looks hopefully to the time when as a wrong it may come to an end.” —Abraham Lincoln

Whatever one’s view on the tragedy of abortion, it remains a tragedy—both for the destruction of the unborn and the scar that it leaves in the lives of so many women who can see no better option than ending the life of their unborn son or daughter.

As a culture, we should be a culture of life, committed to supporting and empowering mothers and fathers to care for and love their children regardless of gender and regardless of when they make their first appearance in our lives, or the life circumstances that meet them when they arrive.

The taking of an innocent human life can never be justified. It is an assault upon the victim, and when that victim is a young child, it is also an assault upon motherhood, which is severely undermined if you set aside the responsibility of a mother to look after and protect her children. Paying for abortion with state funds here in Alaska undermines the culture of life so essential to combating other evils such as child abuse and domestic violence.  Instead of paying for women to undergo the trauma of having an innocent life taken from their womb, we should instead focus on making resources available to them which permit and empower them to care for their unborn son or daughter.

I was shocked to discover that in the State of Alaska a doctor may place you on a DNR (Do Not Resresuscitate) Order without your permission and over the objections of your family. In fact, you may never even find out about it until it is too late. This is appalling, and must be corrected at once. If elected, I will work with my colleagues in the state legislature to correct this, and to end public funding for abortions in Alaska. As Abraham Lincoln observed of slavery, the issue of not extending full human rights to segments of our society for any length of time results in great difficulties whenever one endeavors to return to a culture of life. I am quite aware of these difficulties, and as a legislator will work tirelessly to encourage a culture that protects innocent life without exception.